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Parklands Power Products Australia 100% Australian, privately-owned

About Parklands: Providing Quality Outdoor Equipment

Parklands Power Products Australia Pty Ltd is far more than a supplier. A 100% Australian, privately-owned and run company, we have been operating in the outdoor power equipment industry for over 47 years. We are an industry leader that regularly punches above our weight to provide quality products to our established network of dealers and end-users across the land. Satisfied customers include - professional contractors, farmers, council workers, serious homeowners and gardening enthusiasts.

Here at Parklands, we pride ourselves on providing an Australian voice in an industry that has seen a dramatic reduction in competition in recent years with international conglomerates dominating the market. We aim to give dealers and customers a local option as we are focused on offering products tailored to our harsh Australian landscape.

What We Do

If you are looking for quality made and established brands such as Tanaka, Murray, Castle Garden and HiSun, look no further as Parklands is the national distributor of their products, including ride on lawn mowers, quad bikes and other outdoor power equipment. In fact, we were the first company in Australia to introduce the whipper snipper into the market way back in 1968.

Introducing Our Parklander Brand

Having said this - we have never been a company to rest on our laurels. So, in addition to these brands, Parklands has recently introduced a range of products under the Parklander banner. Since Parklander launched in 2006 we have seen phenomenal growth in all categories. Created in close consultation with our servicing dealer network, the Parklander range has been designed to meet the needs of demanding Australian consumers at extremely competitive prices.

What We Stand For

Family owned and operated, we have provided exceptional products and services for over 47 years, accommodating to your every lawn and landscaping equipment need. We believe in building mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships with our national dealer network by listening to them closely as they are the people that have day-to-day contact with our end-users - the buying Australian public. We have an established network of servicing dealers in most major regional and metropolitan centres across the country. So if you're keen on any of our products, then you will be able to find a dealer near you.

Service and Maintenance

If your machine needs a tune up or a tweak, then our dealers are there to help you. In addition to working closely with our dealer network, we have a strong focus on customer service for end-users – the Australian consumer – and this isn't just lip service! With over 80,000 individual spare part SKUs in stock, you won't be left wanting if your mower or chainsaw needs new parts. In addition to this unsurpassed spare parts offering, we have a dedicated National Service Manager, Mechanic, Spare Parts Officer as well as an enthusiastic Customer Service team. In fact, here at Parklands we employ over 30 people and have our own representatives covering every state. We have a proud history of offering employment opportunities to hard-working Australians and will look to keep that spirit burning long into the future.

We would love to talk to you about our range of products. Get in touch with one of our expert team members via our online form or call our Customer Service on 1800 671 417.

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