Murray Ride On Lawn Mowers

NSW country girl now an expert rider

Country girl wants a ride-on

Debbie is a good, old-fashioned country girl, from the small country town of Temora in NSW. When recently pondering the decision to purchase a new ride-on for her property, Debbie wandered down to her local mower shop Rex Perrot Mowers for some advice. After a cup of coffee and a chat, Debbie was hooked. She’d been sold on the benefits of a Murray ride-on and bought one the very next day.

Big area, lots of grass

Most of us need a lawnmower to maintain our properties with the main variable being the size of the grassed area. In Debbie’s case – she had a lot. As Debbie put it, “We’ve got a big, big area of grass here. We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently so unfortunately the grass has got a bit out of control. We decided to purchase the Murray MT155420H because it was a good price and offered exceptional value.”

Servicing dealers

In addition to being great value, Debbie recognised the support that her local dealer – Rex Perrot Mowers – could offer in terms of ongoing advice, spare parts and servicing. “We’ve bought a few items from Rex Perrot Mowers over the years, and we trust the staff there. We know that if we need to service or repair the machine that they’re relatively close, and can get the job done without any issues.”

Happy riders

Debbie’s very happy with her machine. She uses it about once a month, so it’s not getting too much of a workout, but when it is in operation it does the job to perfection. As Debbie puts it, “We are quite happy with the machine. It’s been mowing very well. It had some pretty heavy work to start with, that’s for sure!”

Stubby holder – the machine’s best feature

When asked about what feature she liked the most Debbie reply, tongue firmly in cheek, “The stubby holder. It’s very convenient for those hot summer mornings. No, in all seriousness, the machine is very easy to operate – if I can do it, then anyone can. I’d never ridden a ride-on mower before, and now I’m an expert.

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