Eric mapp heroEric Mapp

Holiday home mower – Murray to the rescue

Eric and his wife from Adelaide in South Australia recently treated themselves and bought a holiday house in the country. A little cottage with well manicured lawns and gardens, according to the pictures at least. Well – when the Mapps finally arrived at their little holiday house they realised just how much lawn there was to mow. There was no way their old mower was going to do the job, so they decided to upgrade.

Bigger mower, quicker cutting

The mower the Mapps had was too small for the task of mowing the holiday house. So the Mapps headed down to their local mower shop All Make Mowers and More in Clarence Park, SA. The owner Brian helped them pick their machine, a Murray MT135380G. All Make Mowers even delivered the machine directly to the cottage, for as hassle free transaction. With a 13.5HP engine and a 38” deck – this Murray ride-on made mincemeat out of the lawn – drastically cutting both the grass and the time it took to cut it.

Great machine, great value

When asked for his feedback around the Murray MT135380G, Eric said that, “It's great a great machine and I would recommend it to anyone. It's very simple and easy to operate. It works very quickly. It’s got a big deck. It’s very comfortable, it’s quick and it’s efficient. I think it’s just great I would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a good size and its exactly what we wanted and the price was very reasonable.”


When encouraged to name his favourite features, Eric actually gave a few. Starting with,  “Obviously we can mow the lawns a lot quicker than we could before. The safety feature with the seat is a massive thing for us as well. The machine’s got a good turning circle to, we’ve got sculpted edges on our garden and the turning circle makes it easier to manoeuvre around these.”

Highly recommended

Eric loves his Murray ride-on and can’t stop telling his family and friends about it, in fact, he’s actively recommending it to all of them. “Yes, I would definitely recommend it. It does exactly what we want. It has very little effort, it’s quick to use. And it cost nowhere what we thought it would. We thought we were up for a megabucks price and it wasn’t - we very were happy.”

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