Fencing Contractor really digs the Tanaka JEA-50

phil and jon

An important tool to a farmer, an earth auger is indispensible for a fencing contractor. One such contractor, Phil Fowler, used to dig post holes using a hand auger. He tells us it was really hard yakka - and to be fair we're inclined to believe him.

After he talked to a cousin, also a fencing contractor, he purchased a Tanaka JEA-50 from Jon Kay Ag Services in Melton, VIC in 2003. Nearly ten years later, Phil is still singing the praises of this industrial-grade workhorse.

Tough and long lasting

Phil's cousin's experience with earth augers involved two competitors’ models. One lasted six months and the other only lasted a few weeks. Then came the switch to the Tanaka JEA-50. This proved be a turning point, with the unit providing many years of service, through the toughest use.

Powered by a 2.5 hp (1.9 kW) engine, with a 33:1 reduction gearbox, the Tanaka auger easily drills at a low 180 rpm. Arguably, this is the only earth auger that works so well at such low speed.

Dig-Assist, the perfect companion

At first, Phil used the JEA-50 by itself and continued to do so for six months. After some bad experiences hitting roots and rocks, he purchased a Dig-Assist and he has never looked back. 

Phil found that Dig-Assist offered great protection from the twisting force encountered when hitting objects underground and the unit is a great help when working close to a fence. It also doubles as a trolley to cart the JEA-50 auger around a worksite. While an optional extension handle and another person can hold the auger securely, the Dig-Assist allows the user to dig post holes alone.

Easy to maintain

Phil notes that the JEA-50’s grease-packed gearbox was designed for ease of maintenance. He said that the isolated clutch housing has saved his auger’s gearbox, when he hit river rock. The auger bit and frame were damaged, but the auger’s motor and gearbox were unaffected. After removing the bolts that hold the motor assembly from the plate, re-fixing was easy after welding. 

Recommend JEA-50 to everyone

Does Phil really like the JEA-50? According to Jon Kay, “Definitely. Very much so. Phil’s recommendation has resulted in at least six sales. In fact, one contractor bought three Tanaka JEA-50s solely as a result of Phil." Tongue in cheek, Jon added, "We're even thinking of offering Phil a job - he loves his JEA-50."

From 2002-2008, Phil Fowler worked as a Trainer for Jim’s Fencing. While he now works for Jim’s Pergolas, he still uses his JEA-50 for fencing work that he does on the side. Phil is still quite happy to recommend the auger to anyone looking for a tough, hardworking unit that will last a long time. 

For more information about either the JEA-50 or the Dig-Assist or to find your nearest please contact us on (02) 9584 7700 or info@parklands.net.