James Gaffney is a businessman operating a successful panel-beating shop in Logan City in south-east Queensland. James has a large 7-acre block and recently decided that the old ride-on he’d had for years wasn’t doing a good enough job of maintaining the lawn, so he made the decision to upgrade.

Researching the options

After some research at home James went to visit Mick from Bethania Mowers for some professional advice. After an initial discussion, Mick didn’t hesitate to suggest the Grasshopper 335 series mid-mount mower with a 61” deck. “Mick was a great help,” said James, “He really helped me to narrow down my options. He’s a good operator, and I trust him.”

The 335 series has a top speed of nearly 17km/h and with a two–cylinder, 993 cc Briggs & Stratton engine boasting 35 hp of power it’s the ideal machine for commercial contractors, farmers or owners of large properties. The ride-on was perfect and ticked all the boxes for James so he decided to buy it.

The dealer told me to do it

When quizzed on exactly why he’d invested so much in a such a top-quality machine James said, “The dealer told me to do it! No, in all seriousness, I love my toys. Sometimes you need to spend the extra money to get the best and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my Grasshopper 335 series mid-mount.” He’s not wrong either. Most Grasshopper owners have similar feelings when it comes to these customised Made in USA machines. “I’m 100% satisfied,” exclaimed James, before adding, “It makes my yard looks heap better, the grass is healthier and the machine has a superior cut. You expect to pay extra for the best, and that’s exactly what I got.”

It’s expensive, but it’s worth it

James gives some good advice to other owners or commercial contractors in saying that, “If you can get your head around the expense - you won't look back. If you spend the money you will not regret the purchase. You'll be so thrilled with the machine, you'll want your grass to grow twice as fast.” Now there's a happy customer.

Sounds like a helicopter

We asked James exactly what feature he liked the most, and it didn’t take long to get an answer, “The horsepower and the blade speed. When you hit that cut button, you know you’re cutting grass when you hit that button. Mate it sounds like a helicopter about to take off!” 

Good first impressions

According to James a Grasshopper is the type of machine that once you’ve ridden it, you won’t want to get off. “The machine’s easy to use, it has perfect turning which helps you heaps around obstacles. The hydraulics are sensitive and the machine is extremely comfortable.”  Great first impressions indeed. James continued by adding, “You have to be careful for the first few hours, it's that's powerful. You really have to take it easy. I accidentally went over a tree one time and all that was left was splinters.”

So James, would you recommend Grasshopper to your friends and family?

Yes. I believe the machine is unmatched. I believe nothing out there in the market even comes close.” Strong words indeed.

For more information about Grasshopper or to find your nearest dealer please contact us on (02) 9584 7700 or info@parklands.net.