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Parklands Power Products Australia 100% Australian, privately-owned

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parklands Power Products an Australian owned Company?

Yes. Since 1968 Parklands has been and still is a 100% privately owned and operated Australian company.

What happens if I purchase a product on the web?

You can buy with confidence in a company that has passion & tests all their products for the Australian market.

A) Purchase online to pick up from your chosen local Parklands dealer.

B) Selected products can be shipped to your house if preferred with a delivery fee included.

Can I purchase a product directly from a Service Agent?

Yes, dealers are able to help you if you’re not sure which machine is best suited for your needs. Parklands can also assist by calling 1800 671 417.

Do I have to take the machine back to the same dealer I brought it from for warranty?

Preferably, but any authorised agent can carry out warranty work.

Which petrol should I use for all small engine machines?

Make sure you use unleaded petrol for all petrol powered gardening products. It is strongly recommended not to use E10.

What 2 Stroke Oil should I use?

Parklands have a wide range of accessories including our Australian made fully synthetic two stroke oil. We recommend you use Parklander 50:1 oil in our two-stroke products. It is very economical, improves lubrication, performance and produces less smoke.

What trimmer line should I use?

Parklands have a wide range of premium trimmer line on hand which is both tough and flexible. To find out the correct thickness for your machine call Parklands on 1800 671 417 for assistance or ask your local dealer.

How do I register my product?

You can register you product on Parklands site or with your dealer.

Where can I get an Owner’s manual from?

If you search your product on our site, you will find a downloadable copy of your owner’s manual.

What happens when I need Product Support?

Contact your local dealer; the dealer locator is available to assist you or call Parklands for your closest dealer.

Are parts available?

Yes, all Parklands products are fully backed with spare parts available to purchase from your local dealer.

Is warranty transferrable?

Warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser.

Where is the model & serial number on my machine?

Hand Held |Usually under the handle or on the starter

Ride On Mowers |Under the seat or the rear of the mower

Off Road Vehicles |On the chassis towards front suspension

Who covers the engine warranty on mowers?

Briggs & Stratton engine are covered by Briggs Australia

Honda Engines are covered by Honda Australia

All other engines are covered by Parklands

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