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Choosing the Right Log Splitter for Your Needs

Log SplitterSplitting logs manually with an axe can be extremely laborious. But with the right log splitter you cut work time significantly and reduce the amount of physical effort you need to exert while making sure that every piece of wood is cut cleanly.

How To Use Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Safely

Castelgarden XD150 Zero turn mowers are built for safety and easy manoeuverability. However, you need to learn how to operate one safely, in order to prevent accidents and maximize the efficiency of your machine. Most zero mowers for sale today have one set of controls for steering and braking.

Chainsaws for Sale - Safety Comes First

Redback garden tools

Chainsaws are essential for various types of backyard work. The tasks you can do with this simple, yet extremely versatile tool is simply impressive—from pruning trees and large shrubs to cutting up firewood, shaping fence posts, and other weekend DIY projects.

Facts About Chainsaws: Top Handle Chainsaw

Tanaka Chainsaws In the market for a good quality, heavy-duty top handle chainsaw? Then you have come to the right place!

Contractor more than happy with Grasshopper, so orders more

Parklands Power Products

With one Grasshopper in use, and two more on order, this mowing contractor knows a good thing when he sees one.

Finally a Parklander zero-turn after three ride-ons fail to make the grade

Parklands  Lawn Tractor

Not disuaded by previous zero-turn mowers which didn't make the grade, this lady finally gets a great one with the Parklander PZT-60.

16 year old Tanaka bent shaft brushcutter going great

A fan of Tanaka is Ray Jaymes from Brooklyn NSW, with his trusty 16 year old  TBC-2251 brushcutteRay Jaymes putting his 16 year old Tanaka TBC-2251 brushcutter through its paces.

Safely Maintaining Utility Vehicles

ATV quad bikesUtility vehicles and quad bikes are designed to work long days and last a long time. However, they should be treated like any vehicle—which means that they need to be properly maintained to ensure that they continue to run safely and reliably.

Lawn Tractors to Deal with Both Lawns and Rougher Areas Alike

Castelgarden power graden equipment Are you in the market for a mower for your property? It’s important to consider factors such as acreage and terrain. For half an acre or less, a push mower (also known as a walk-behind mower) can meet your needs.

Farmer Goes For Good Looks And Gets A Tough Worker As Well

Lawn Tractor

Sometimes a decision we make proves for the best. In this story, we show how a farmer was taken by the looks of a zero-turn mower and in the end, he found that the Parklander PZT-60 is really as good at it looks.

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