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Parklander off-road test day a huge success


AM Conference 2011

On Wednesday 9 November our Managing Director Ron Zacka, Marketing Manager Jared Dawson, Sales Manager Jim Taveira, Service Manager David Reilly and our national team of Area Managers headed out to Western Sydney to the internationally acclaimed Eastern Creek Raceway. Here the new Parklander quad bikes and UTVs were put through their paces as were a couple of Grasshopper zero-turn models.


4WD track perfect for quads 

The Parklands team arrived bright and early at Eastern Creek Raceway on a spectacularly sunny, albeit humid, day after the storms and heavy rain the night before. The site was selected for the test day due to recently completed specialist 4WD testing facility. There are a serious number of obstacles and extremely steep slopes for all sorts of 4WD vehicles onsite, and the Parklander range was definitely pushed to the limits. The Parklands crew used the machines in 4WD and in 2WD and were extremely impressed with the results. Along the far western perimeter of the site one particualr Area Manager got the 500cc quad-bike comfortably up to 94 km/h.

The machines tested on the day included:

400cc Parklander quad bike

500cc Parklander quad bike

800cc Parklander Utility Terrain Vehicle

We also tested one mid-mount and one out-front Grasshopper zero-turn ride-on lawnmower.

Overall, the day was a huge success. The slopey, gravelly, wet and dirty off-road tracks at Eastern Creek were the ideal testing ground for the Parklander range and they came through with flying colours.

Special thanks

Our special thanks must go to all who helped make the day possible in particular to Paul and Mick from Aitken's Motorcycle World who provided everyone on the day with an invaluable insight into the highly competitive motorcycle industry.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the quads or UTVs in the Parklander range, please contact us directly via email or via phone on (02) 9584 7700 and we'll refer you to your nearest dealer. Or your can download the Parklander off-road brochure for more information.

Eastern Creek 2011 Eastern Creek 2011 

Eastern Creek 2011Eastern Creek 2011

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