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Comfort And Durability Make For A Great Backpack Blower



Working large areas using a handheld blower really puts the operator to the test. A better alternative is to use a backpack blower and spread the weight over the user’s back.

The Tanaka TBL-4600 ticks all the boxes for an ideal commercial backpack blower. A heavy-duty unit, the blower features a 2.3 hp low emission Tanaka engine—designed for longer service life, with a stress-relieved chrome-plated cylinder.

No slouch, the TBL-4600 provides an air volume of 612 m3/hour maximum, at a whopping velocity of 320 kmph.

The comfortable padded frame, 9.5 kg weight and ergonomic pivoting control arm allows the operator to work large areas like park grounds, car parks and the like with ease. The pistol trigger grip on the front handle provides the user easy access to the throttle and stop switch, for added safety.

The multi-point anti-vibe frame gives added operator comfort and reduces fatigue. An extra large fuel 2.0 litre tank allows the unit to be used for extended period without the need to refuel.

The flexible blower tube allows the user to reach difficult angles without the need to shift body position.

All units are backed by Parklands' Tanaka 12 month commercial warranty and nationwide parts back-up and dealer network.

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