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Parklands Power Products Australia 100% Australian, privately-owned

Range of Outdoor Equipment, Accessories & Off-Road Vehicles

Whether you are after a specific outdoor tool or looking to browse our online catalogue of equipment, accessories and off-road vehicles, we are confident you will find the perfect solution at Parklands. Rest assured, we have done the hard work for you, carefully selecting high quality and reliable products from major brands such as Tanaka, Murray, HiSun, Castle Garden and our very own, Parklander.

Our product range includes:

Log Splitters

Make collecting wood for a fireplace easier and stay warm this winter with our selection of log splitters for sale. We test each model we stock to ensure our choices offer the quality you need.

Pole Saws

Having the right pole saw for the job when cutting down a tree is important. Which is why Parklands only provides high quality products to ensure you complete the task as efficiently as possible.

Ride On Mowers

Hop on and mow large lawns with our durable and easy to operate ride on mowers. Made with comfortable seats and effortlessly reachable controls, all of our mowers are designed with the user in mind. Large capacity decks to reduce mowing time.


If you’re looking for comfort, style and power in your leisure products, look no further. The manufacturers of our range of leisure products are focused on all of the above, plus more.

Zero Turn Mowers

With wide cutting decks and innovative cutting speeds to turn on its own axis, never miss a spot again with our zero turn mowers. Speedily mow around trees and walkways with total confidence and cut your mowing time in half.

Impact Wrench

Petrol powered Commercial Impact Wrench is predominantly used in rail way, dam, forestry and industrial fields. With the flexibility of a portable petrol powered machine, the heavy duty machine has all the power you’ll need.Discover why every 4WDs should have an impact wrench in their vehicle. Easily tighten and undo wheel nuts or other tight fasteners on all 4WDs. You probably didn’t know you needed one until now.

Accessories & Attachments

Parklands offers a whole range of accessories for added versatility and convenience. This includes hedge trimmer, pole saw and whipper snipper attachments.

Quad Bikes ATV & Side by Side UTV

Explore new possibilities without taxing your wallet with our range of powerful quad bikes & , side by side ATVs UTVs, utility vehicles and dirt bikes. Ready for work and off-road adventures, all our products are backed with a 2 year limited factory warranty.


Keep driveways and sidewalks footpaths clear with the practicality of our Parklander and Tanaka blowers. Move more than just leaves, grass clippings and debris during autumn, as our blowers will even move light snow during the colder months of the year.

Whipper Snippers

Are there areas in your yard which your lawn mower cannot reach? Enjoy the versatility and power of our whipper snippers for sale as you trimcut around trees and fences.


Complete your job without difficulty as our purpose-built chainsaws for sale are designed to offer high performance and ultimate precision. Suitable for landscaping gardens or commercial use, browse our range today.

Wood Chipper/ Shredders

Reduce the amount of yard waste produced with our heavy-duty wood chippers and shredders. You’ll benefit from turning it into practical compost or mulch for the garden. Even handles palms.


Once in a while you need to cultivate the soil to achieve better growth and prepare a loose bed for seeds. Get the job done perfectly with minimal effort with our easy to handle, cultivators.

Earth Augers

Efficiently dig post holes for fences, planting gardens or trees with our earth augers. At Parklands, we offer a variety of different sizes and types for digging holes in the ground so you can achieve the result you want.


Reclaim your sidewalk footpath, walkway or curb with the all-powerful, low-emission engines of our lawn edgers. Engineered to give you that perfect finishing touch.

Engine Drills

Enjoy the convenience of our engine drills, ideal for outdoor jobs such as digging holes for planting, boaring timber or driving in screws.

Hedge Trimmers

Our Parklander and Tanaka hedge trimmers are the reliable choice for both the homeowner and professional landscaper. Achieve precise lines and edges of a sculpted hedge, tree or shrub.

Lawn Mowers

From push mowers to heavyweight heavyduty self propelled lawn mowers, at Parklands we provide a wide selection of 2 or 4 stroke lawn mowers to help enhance the appearance of your lawn. Spend less time maintaining your garden and more time appreciating it.

Our friendly and expert staff are available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our online form or call our Customer Service on 1800 671 417.

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