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A shredder-chipper gives you one of the best options to turn huge piles of leaves, twigs and small branches into small mounds of mulch quickly.

These are easy to use, fast and dependable instruments and allow you to get your garden or yard clean-up done fast.

Another use of a garden chipper shredder is they also make nutrient-rich green mulch from the non-woody plant debris and weeds that you can add to your flower beds and compost piles. The wood chips they make from the twigs and branches can be spread on walkways.

Buying the right chipper shredder could be overwhelming!

How big a unit to buy? What horsepower and capacity to opt for?

But before you go into these, clarity about the functions of a shredder and chipper could be helpful.

Wood Chipper

A wood chipper breaks down any size of wood that fits in a chute, once it is placed inside. The thickness of branches they can handle will depend largely on the model you purchase. This should be guided by your use, whether you need one for your small backyard garden or have a large property or acreage.

The sharp knives or blades that are bolted to a rotating disc inside the machine breaks down the wood. The chips are expelled out from the other side (and sometimes get collected in a collecting bag).

Wood Shredder

These have blunt blades called flails. Some have metal strips with holes in them so that anything hitting them when they are rotating at high speed would be thrown through the holes. They break down the tiny branches into mulch.

The models we look at here can perform both the jobs.

When To Use The Machine…

A clipper shredder is a machine that can be used all year around.

  • Autumn- use to clean up piles of leaves and debris and add to the compost pile
  • Winter / Early Spring - use to work on the branches and twigs and also for pruning of dormant trees and shrubs.
  • Late Spring / Summer – work on the weeds, finished crops like corn stalks, old tomato plant, etc.

How To Choose The Right Machine…

Chipper shredder for sale is available in a wide range of sizes.

Engine capacity varies from less than one horsepower (lightweight electric models), and go up to high gasoline powered engines of 4 to 10 horsepower or more and can be towed behind ATV, UTV, Ride On Mowers, etc.

Once you are clear about the kind of work you need the machine to do, consider the following…

  • Compare the width and the depth of the shredding hopper the larger, the better) and also the diameter of the chipping chute. Smaller diameter chutes may be safer but slower to use. It is best to go for a larger machine to avoid overloading the engine or the hopper.
  • A larger capacity machine will have at least 4 hp engine. Horsepower is an indicator of a machine’s overall capacity, the more, the better because it will be able to handle heavier material.
  • In case you have a large property ensure your equipment is mobile and also choose the one with a hitch to be towed behind your ATV, UTV, Ride On Mowers, etc.
  • Electric models could be lighter but will be hindered by the length of its extension cord. Petrol models are more robust and can be taken anywhere.
  • The capacity of a model is measured by the maximum diameter of a branch it can chip or shred. Look for the measurement that you would need. Also, compare the width and height of the shredder hopper.

Precautions Before You Buy!

  • Test the machine.
  • Take a note of the retailer’s after-sales-service / customer care department.

These are the most important features that you should thoroughly check because they will help you to keep your sanity safe should you need any help after the purchase.

Parklands Power Products Australia Pty Ltd brings quality chipper shredders for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere in Australia.

We have an established robust network of servicing dealers in most major regional and metropolitan centres across the country.

We have been serving our customers right from professional contractors, farmers, council workers, serious homeowners to gardening enthusiasts for the past 47 years.

After Sales Service

We always work with the customers and handhold them whenever they need us. You won't be left wondering if your machine needs new parts, as we carry a large range in stock.

We have a dedicated Customer Service team to serve you anytime you need.

For your product requirement or any query just get in touch with one of our expert team members via our online form or call our Customer Service on 1800 671 4171800 671 417.

We would be just too happy to answer you!

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