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Loncin Push Mower Engines for Sale

Buying a push mower engine is sometimes a wiser decision than buying a new push mower, ride-on or lawn tractor. Replacing the motor is less expensive than buying a brand new unit, but you need to make sure you are buying the right one for your equipment.

Parklands carries Loncin push mower engines for lawn tractors which are the best in Australia. Whether you want an engine with the horizontal or vertical shaft, we have the Loncin unit that’s just right for you.

As to mower repair shops, Parklands offers these businesses an incredible of choice of engines to choose from. We carry Loncin push mower engines which are arguable the best available in Australia. Whether you want an engine with a horizontal or vertical shaft, our Loncin range has got it for you.

And, we note that Loncin engines have been proven in local use for a long time now, some 15 years of so. Hence, when you get one these engines, you know that they work well under tough Australian conditions.

Furthermore, these engines have the same bolt configuration as most popular small engines. So, a straight out replacement works well.

And, for your peace of mind, we offer a four year warranty on all engines. Their quality is unquestioned. Manufactured using only high grade components, you can see a calibre of build that is equal or better to comparative units available in the market today.

Our Loncin engines go from a 196 cc vertical shaft unit to the powerful V-Twin OHC 764 cc vertical shaft engine ideal for use on ride-on mowers.

These engines are also ideal for use in other power equipment—not just mowers and ride-ons, but also tillers, pumps, log splitters and so on.

And, we carry a full range of spare parts, which we’ve sold to replace competitor’s equipment.

For your small power equipment engine requirements, you can’t go past Loncin, with Parklands’ backing.

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