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Cutting Edge Hedge Trimmers

Just what you need to create a perfectly carved hedge, our hedge trimmers are designed with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. At Parklands, we want to help you achieve the defined lines and clean edges of a sculpted hedge, which is why we offer a range of products ready to tackle any job. Whether you are a homeowner or professional landscaper, our selection of Parklander and Tanaka trimmers are the reliable choice.

Don’t let your hedges and bushes get out of control. Cut them regularly and keep them in tiptop shape. Get one of our petrol hedge trimmers today. A hedge trimmer helps you save time by making your work easier than if you were to use manual shears.

To be considered “cutting edge” hedge trimmers need to have the features that make them indispensable. We at Parklands went above and beyond to bring you the best hedge trimmers in Australia.

Firstly, our hedge trimmers have sharp blades that create cleanly cut branches on your hedge. This is an important feature as clean cuts mean neater and tidier hedge. Additionally, these blades are long enough that no hedge is too big for it. They can let you reach the farthest parts of the hedge and trim the tops.

You might think that the long blades might make the machine unwieldy. But we only work with manufacturers that understand the needs of their fellow Australians. Their products are made with ultimate comfort in mind. The length and the weight of the blades are proportional to the body for utmost balance. Both the weight and the length of the trimmers dictate the degree of their mobility. Ours are made of lightweight yet durable materials so you can easily maneuver them when working in your garden.

Hedge trimmers come in different types and which one you should get depends upon how much trimming is required by your property. If you only need to prune a small number of shrubs, we have manual hedge trimmers for you, but for bigger jobs, we recommend our petrol hedge trimmers. They are more powerful and are preferred by professional gardeners. They can even be used to cut through small branches of trees.

Look no further. We have cutting edge hedge trimmers with impressive ergonomics and unparalleled cutting performance. Call us today if you have any questions.

Benefits of our Hedge Trimmers:

  • Ergonomic Design - Our products are manufactured to combine ergonomic design with superior cutting capabilities.
  • Precision Cutting Blades - With anti-vibration technology and sharp cutting blades, our trimmers ensure steady professional finish to any job.
  • Manufacturers’ Warranty - Have peace of mind as all of our products online are backed by product warranty.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Enjoy excellent manoeuvrability and high performance cutting power with our range of petrol trimmers. At Parklands, we are focused on efficiency as the engines and starters of our products will ensure they start quickly and easily. Maintaining shrubs will feel less of a chore and more of a creative process.

Regardless of whether you have low or tall hedges to trim, we have the product for you in our online store. Find out more information by filling in our online form or call our Customer Service on 1800 671 417.

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