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Pole Hedge Trimmer For Sale

If you want a neat, good-looking, and even a healthy hedge to line your property, you need a good pole hedge trimmer right away. While it would be nice to have the talent of Edward Scissorhands, having the right tool will help make your hedges look neat and tidy.

Hedge trimmers can be dangerous, but choosing one that has the necessary safety features should give you peace of mind. Parklands offer hedge trimmers of just the right weight, which are easy to handle and well-balanced. They are not too heavy so you can easily carry them and work with them at length.

When it comes to power for the job, choosing the right hedge trimmer depends greatly on the kind of work you need to do. If you are going to use your hedge trimmer to cut through hedges with thick branches, you need something powerful with large tooth gaps. Other smaller models are made to basically for merely trimming leaves.

Hedge trimmers can be electric (corded), which are lightweight but powerful enough for use in most gardens. If you are considering this type, think about the distance of your hedges from your house, where you will need to plug in the machine’s cable. There are cordless hedge trimmers too which allows you to cut hedges regardless of the distance from your house.

Parklands supply the Redback pole hedge trimmers which are a much safer choice than corded electric hedge trimmers. These do away with cords that might accidentally get cut while on the job. They use high-powered batteries that can last from 20 minutes to an hour. They are rechargeable, but consider getting a second battery if you are working on a large hedge or hedges.

Some homeowners prefer petrol hedge trimmers since they can be used on thick branches in hedges that are far from any electric outlet. Our offering includes a wide range of petrol powered hedge trimmers. These great units have enough clout to get the job done.

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