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Quad Bikes and Utility Vehicles

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Quad, also known as All Terrain Vehicle or ATV quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires and weighs not more than 550kg.

A quad bike can be used in almost any landscape be muddy hills, hill banks, grass tracks, fields. Although ATV quad bikes are made for any terrain, rough, smooth, rocky or steep, each model differs depending on its use. Utility vehicles are mostly used by farmers in their daily work. They are also used in other applications in commerce and industry.

Utility quad bikes have many agricultural uses. For example, as a substitute for utility vehicles, horses, and even walking. All-terrain vehicles are found on all types of farms and other agricultural properties, orchards and forests, ornamental nurseries and even on golf courses.

The Story Behind…

ATVs first appeared in the United States in the 1970s. They were sold as a recreational vehicle to bring “thrills” for the rider.

But soon the riders realised that the vehicles were useful to move through areas not accessible by pick-up trucks, or other motorised vehicles, and the ATV became a favorite hunting vehicle. Gradually ATVs became popular in agriculture.

Uses Of ATV Quad Bikes

Some typical uses of quad bikes are …

  • Inspecting crops and livestock
  • Applying fertilizers and pesticides to fields
  • Checking, repairing irrigation systems and fence lines
  • Managing livestock
  • Supervising people working on field
  • Marking timber, mowing grass, moving dirt
  • Transporting feed, grain and other material.

Used Quads For Sale?

It is perfectly okay if you wish to go for a used quad for your purpose (after thorough inspections that are needed ) instead of purchasing a brand new one. Because these ATVs have an ability to last and serve for years.

A used ATV gives a significant cost saving. For example, if you need one for agricultural purposes you may go for a used one in good condition almost at half the price compared to a new machine. The second-hand market of quad bikes is equally vibrant with many buyers.

Selecting an ATV...

ATVs come with engine capacity ranging from 90cc to 800 cc or more, with gear ratios that allow speeds more than 100 kmph. The engine size and gear ratios that you need will depend on your purpose of use.

For example, if requirement is for agricultural uses, an ATV with an automatic clutch, coil spring shock absorber system, reverse gear, shaft drive, and a locking mechanism would be the most versatile one.

Are Quad Bikes Safe?

Sometimes controversial, one should look at the quad-bike safety issue from two sides.

Manufacturers covering greater lengths to improve suspension with stringent capability testing.

The users riding them with more caution, following the precautions mentioned and common-sense.

For example, when there is a clear recommendation sticker on the machine regarding the speed and weight, the user should stay within this set limits, without pushing beyond it. A user would take unnecessary risks by attempting to climb too steep slopes, overloading the quad or driving it at too high speeds and often without a protective helmet.

Stay Safe With Parklands!

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We offer expert advice through our national dealership network on all safety precautions, maintenance, servicing.

We have a dedicated Customer Service team to serve you anytime you need.

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