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Zero Turn Mowers with Optimal Efficiency

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Are you tired of spending hours mowing the lawn only to realise that there are many uncut areas at the end? Introducing our zero turn mowers with wide cutting decks and advanced cutting speeds to turn on its own axis, ensuring no areas are left uncut. Discover why these machines are the favoured choice among landscapers and homeowners. Our leading turning technology enables you to swiftly mow around trees and walkways with absolute confidence. At Parklands, we have an wide variety of established brands available for the Australian market, including the Parklander and GrasshopperChallenger Series.

Also called zturn mowers, zero-turn commercial mowers are a type of riding lawn mower that features a 0 cm turning radius. Although standard riding mowers are typically more affordable, zero-turn mowers allow sharp turns so you can work yourself around trees, posts, and flower beds.

Lawn care experts all over the world prefer zero-turn mowers over standard ones. Their high speed, mobility, and convenience make them incomparable to standard mowers. Not all z-turn mowers, however, are created equal. There are manufacturers that understand you more than others. They are the ones that deliver much more that what you actually demand.

Here at Parklands, we feature only the fastest mowers that can bustle around your lawn at amazing speeds of up to 13 miles per hour. Powered by high-performing engines, these powerhouse machines are among the best lawn mowers made by Australians for Australians. If you want golf-course quality yard, our zero-turn mowers will do the job in no time. And if you want a machine that’s designed for total maneuverability, but easy to drive, our Parklander zero-turn mowers are here. With these features, you achieve utmost productivity so you can cover a lot of ground.

Parklands zero-turn commercial mowers combine power and versatility in one machine. That’s why when you purchase one from us you get reliability, invaluable performance, and unparalleled strength. This is because our mowers were designed by people who know exactly how it feels to operate these beasts.

We feel your pain and your needs and we found out the same hard way what you want from a commercial mower. Backed by thorough research, our designs are made with human factors in mind. That’s why the seats are comfortable, the ride is smooth, and your body receives less jarring while you work on your lawn.

Are you looking for high-performing, easy to maintain, commercial-grade z-turn mowers, browse our collection today.

Why Choose our Zero Turn Mowers?

  • Durable - Purposely built with a sturdy frame and a high performance, dependable engine. All our mowers will handle the toughest jobs with ease.
  • Driver Comfort - Designed to accommodate the driver, our mowers are foam-cushioned with shock absorbing footrests for enhanced comfort.
  • Wide Rear Wheels - By applying less pressure on the lawn surface, the grass is flattened less which makes it more convenient to cutand the larger footprint gives a better ride and is safer on slopes.

Ideal for Commercial or Personal Use

Whether you are a landscaper or homeowner, our zero turn mowers are engineered to handle small or heavy-duty mowing tasks, efficiently and effortlessly. Simply cut through lawn areas without having to trim into tight places. Our online store consists of fourrear-wheel steering models for improved stability and manoeuvrability.

Cut down on your cutting time and speak to one of our mowing experts today. Contact us via our online form or call our Customer Service on 1800 671 417.

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